Turkey vs Bald Eagle

Picture this to have a turkey or a bald eagle. Turkey are the powerful because they can hurt you and chase you. Bald eagle are the best because they lose talons to catch food. So turkey are mean they are negatief to north america and they are now fear less. So the bald eagle watches for food and the bald eagle has a little pond .

You should agree So i think you should go with bald eagle because bald eagle are so nicer than turkey because they eat bugs and they not chase you . so turkey are mean but bald eagle are not and they are so nice because they are not has much wild. They have more nice ness then turkey but i kinda like both. So you guys can choose i would pick bald eagle because it nice and it cool. They are so nice i would get one.

So turkey are so mean they chase you and they hurt you. I had one and it would cause my everywhere. The turkey hurts you and you get chase by it.the wild turkey idthe warsed

Turkey vs. Bald Eagle

Turkey vs Bald Eagle
Picture this. It is the year 2032. You are scrolling through the united states’ animals. You see the wild tuerke as the states’ bird. You are confused. In the future, I think the Bald Eagle’s position in America will be questioned. “Who would take the place of the eagle?” you may ask. The wild turkey, of course. I agree with Benjamin Franklin on this. The Indian tribes treated the turkey like it was a God. They were crazy about the turkeys. They loved them so much that they even domesticated them.
First of all, Benjamin Franklin himself thought the turkey should have been in place of the Eagle. Plus, the wild turkey is native to north America. The native Americans had many uses for the turkey, including food, warm cloaks, and they even domesticated them. The Aztecs and Mayans called the turkey, “Great Toltec,”or jeweled bird.
What made Franklin this way about the Turkey? Other tribes of Indians believed the turkey to guide the dead to the next world. Turkeys are also very courageous. If they feel threatened they will confront the threat, and if necessary, it will fight.
In my opinion, the Turkey looks better. The Turkey Is very colorful, whereas the Eagle is only brown and white. I hope you would take color over the flat undertone of the Eagle. The eagle only has two colors on it, but the turkey has many
In conclusion, Turkeys would be a better candidate in most ways. Methinks that Benjamin Franklin made a good argument on the united states’ bird. Do you think that the Bald Eagle deserves his spot?

Turkey V.S. Bald Eagle

Some people think that the Bald Eagle should be the national bird. I disagree with that and think that the turkey should be the national bird. Here’s why, first, turkeys are native to the North America. Second, turkeys are known to be fearless and will attack any danger on sight. Third, the turkey looks better. Thus, the turkey should be the national bird.

Some people think that the turkey is not native to North America, but the real truth is that they are. Having the national bird be native to the continent is good, right? As a matter of fact, the passage Wild Turkey: Roast or Royalty? States,”The turkey is a true native to North America, as all six species of turkeys originated from this continent.” This is one reason. Another reason is that turkeys are known to be fearless.

Also please keep in mind that the turkey is fearless, like our country. They would match if the turkey was the national bird. For instance, the passage Wild Turkey: Roast or Royalty? States,”In addition, wild turkeys are known to be fearless.” this is a reason why. That turkeys look better than Bald Eagles.

To further illustrate my point, the turkey looks amazing. Our country is amazing. As an example, The Wild Turkey vs. the Bald Eagle states,”Males have red, purple, green, copper, and gold feathers.” Turkeys looking good is one reason why they should be the national bird. Them being native and fearless are others.

The evidence is overwhelming. The turkey should be the national bird. I hope you agree with me now. I gave you a lot of evidence. Here are the reasons in case you forgot. First, turkeys are native to the continent. Second, turkeys are fearless. Third, turkeys look good. That is why I think the turkey should be the national bird.

should kids have homework

Should kids have homework
Chapter 1
It will help them…it will also help them understand math very well.It will help them sucssed in the future like in college,high shool, and when they have a job.Some kids don’t like homework and some do like homework.Doing homework will help you understand what the teacher is talking about in class and if talking to your aunt and she is talking about math and some of you have done that before.

Chapter 2
when you don’t understand math then it will be harder for you in your college years and your college years.that is why homework is there to help you understand.I dont like homework and you mite like home work but i do not like homework.homework makes kids smarter and if there was not homework then kids would not be as smart as they are now.you might call me stuped but math is fun.

Chapter 3
I do think that homework is very importent to the brain and the body as well.Learning math will help you in the future.


Technology is good because texting is good because if you get hurt then you then can be like hand me my phone and you can call yah and then your mom comes and picks you up and then drive you to the hospitable and they can come home and you can rest and play granny and have fun it is a popular game it is like you have five days to get out and they can have fun and they can play it all in middle school and they can run from her and you need to get out is the pliyers and a master key and if technology was not invented then that game would not be invented ether and they can have fun with the game granny it is fun⚝☣☯☹ and it is so fun to
play it is fun the thing in world and the technology is good so that we can now have fun with it is pretty ࿕࿕࿕࿕ cool and they can like watch TV and they can play with the game they want to play on a ps4 they can get it on a phone or a tablet so it is cool to have technology here but some places do not have technology there like in texas and they can have the cellphone and they can have the cool stuff like us.and they can have fun with the cool games that we have

animal writing essay

Here are some stuff about Muskrats come and look. Muskrats live in wetlands, marshes, bogs, and near rivers and streams. The muskrats is a medium-sized rodent with front legs and small feet, but it has stronger hind legs and big feet. Muskrats eat clams, crayfish, frogs, and salamanders. If you think these animals are intresting come and learn more about these cool animals.

This is how they catch their prey they hide where their prey can not see them then they go and run at their prey. Muskrats run fast thanks to their hind legs. Muskrats have four toes on each paw. They love to be near water and swim in water. Muskrats tail looks like a rat tail and they have large teeth like beavers do.Muskrats sometimes looks like a ,beaver,a otter,or a rat.

Muskrats are smart because sometimes they can do stuff on their own with out any help. Here are some tips how they hide with out their homes what they do is when they can not find their homes they hide in the grass since they live in wetlands. Muskrats are up to 16-28 inches so they are over a foot long. Muskrats are good swimmers thank the back webbed feet.

Muskrats can hold their breath under water up to 15-20 minutes. They can swim foword and backwards. Muskrats have very thick fur to keep warm and when they swim in cold water there fur helps them stay warm so they do not have to be cold. When it is winter and the water is frozen muskrats can break ice if they need a breathe. There fur helps them keep warm under water.

Muskrats are born mostly in the spring or summer and when they are a new born they have no fur at all they are just pink as they get older they start to grow fur all over its body. The muskrat is known to be the most valuable for their fur or pelts. These animals are rare and if you ever get a muskrat as a pet you are lucky to have a pet muskrat. If you want to read about more animals come and join me. Muskrats have tiny noses and they have good sence of smelling as you can see these are cool creatchures to learn about

how can you stay lice free.

How to stay lice free
Paragragh number one
The head louse is a tiny wingless insects that lives in human hair and feeds on small amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.lice only move by crawling and cannot run or jump.Adult lice move 9 inches per minute.Lice spread through physical contact when people’s heads touch together like du ring the time people snuggle up to fit the frame of a smartphone photo!There is a lice shampoo to get lice out of your hair.

Keep lice a way
Paragragh numder two
Looking for an exuse to miss school.It seems that having lice will not be one of them.More and more school’s are adopting a new lice policy that allows infected students to go to class as long as they are treated at home.In the past if a student had lice they immediately got sent home with a lice letter and a whole loud of shame.The word licewas almost synonmous to bubonic plague and the poor kid was shunned by other for weeks afterword.

Head lice shampoo
Paragragh number 3
Lice!The very word causes an urge to scratch and sends most people into a panic mode.
Pediculus humens capitis has been around since the begining of time and will likely stick around till the end of time.Lice infestation is very comman among children it is something that almost every child will get at some point.

i don’t like pokemon

pokemon get them all .

Pokemon you may heard of it you may like it or not . You may think its bad or good there are
pros and cons. I’ll be talking about them both to tell you what it is. Pokemon released the app pokemon go you get it on mobile devices. Well what is it what you do is you go around and get pokemon you catch them you have to move to get them.

Here the pro you get exercise since you haft to move around to get them. Even the biggest guy will get exercise even sosselishis. Atisone those kids don’t like going outside not trying to be mean about it . But you guest it pokemon made them go out and socialise. What happens is that they tell people what they got and everything what their favorite at of all of them.

The cons pokemon no they tried they ammols put kids endangered they may wake into traffic case there chasing pokemon that’s bad . Hot spots people get robbed kidnapped even a girl put a hot spot and within hours kids were looking for them now that’s a problem. People even knock on doors to get pokemon . Some are crazy one guy broke thru drywall it was under constrachin to you know it pokemon. This may not be good to the people this not my opinion.

Prose plus cons they make people soshilies some break the dry walls pokemon is a good and bad . Here’s a good thing the apo got more downloads than write it says in the passage . In matter of days the app gained more users than twitter and sent millions of people on streets on a quest to catch em all another good thing is it helps patients get. Out it says it distracts them from painful procedures and lets them escape frome what may be a scary enver ment. A bad thing and kind of sad thing is that two people walk of the cliff one girl walk into a stream and ground. One people get broken achilles and twisted achilles.

Pokemon people hate it people hate it alot. People made songs about people talk how weird it is . not steding my ipion here about pokemon. I Am telling things you probably didn’t know .but pokemon did have problems with it well it’s the end of this bye.

Red fox

Red Fox 12/5/17

The red fox likes to live on the edges of the forests,tilled fields and marshes.

The red fox will eat anything it can get including berries,apples,grass,birds and mammals.Suscep to rabiesiadeadiy diseuse.They also have a good sense of hearing,sight and smell.Because of its well-developed sense of hearing ,sight, and smell the red fox is an efficient and deadly predator.It is an omnivore, which means that it eats both meat and plants.Because of this, it eats whatever is available including corn ,berries,apples,grasses,birds and mammals.The red has many enemies.

If you want to see more about the red fox drive
in for more information on the red fox.

The red fox well eat
Anything is available

One time i saw a red fox and there was a bush of berries by me and the red fox ate the berries off the bush and then i thought they ate only mammals but i was wrong the red fox will eat anything it can get their mouth on.

The trail of the red fox generally follows fences and fields the edges.

should kids have homework

I think they should not have homework because parents do not have time to help their kids and the parents are like washing the dishes or cleaning the house or helping other siblings like your brother or a sister and they do not have the time to help you do your homework because they have to do other stuff and they can not help you. And people think homework is so fun.Then parents are at work and they can not help you do your homework because teachers are forcing you to do homework and they do not want to do it because they just want to have fun the kids are just tired of school and they just need to not do homework when your friend wants to hang out with you and your mom said that you can not play because you are doing your homework. And even pinnacle has no homework and that is not fare. And like half of the schools do not have homework in price even in like alaska or missouri and colorado and all the schools like mont harmon they do not give them homework at all.And the schools they do have homework because teachers do not want the students to have a lot of stuff to do when they get when they get home they are not doing a lot of stuff when they get home they do not have to. and then they can care about it at school at school. And the other schools have to do that to. And the teachers want you to focus on what they are teaching not on homework. And the teachers i bet they do not want to deal deal with homework when they are teaching they want you to be not focus on homework. But then you have to worry about it and. They can not help you find it because it is your responsibility because it is yours not theirs. And they cannot and parents do not care about homework they. said that it is a waste of time when they have other stuff to do besides. the dumb homework they do not care at all. And kids want to have fun not sitting there bored doing homework. And they do not want homework and it is dumb and it is the stupid thing in the world it crushes kids lifes when they see you do homework and then carson barrett and they were going to go to monisalow and he can not go there because of homework and kids do not have time to do homework it is stupid and go in a airplane and throw it out then find it and put a grenade on it and blow it up and have fun doing it to.