Gold Rush

In the time of the gold rush, people would go to California to get gold. I would definitely not go not go. There was no guarantee they would get gold. They would leave everything they had ever known. They would risk their lives for gold.

Even if you went there’s a chance you won’t get gold. That is what you call a waste of time and money. You could end up spending all your money and not get any gold. As an example, the passage The Gold Rush: Hazard or Home? states,”On top of all of those things, they might not even find gold!” Not getting gold is one reason. Leaving everything you’ve ever known is another.

Leaving home, family, and friends is not worth gold. Who would want to leave all they ever knew for gold? I would not want to leave it. You even moved from place to place in the rush. For instance, the passage The Gold Rush: Hazard or Home states,”When the gold ran out in one town, they would abandon the town and go look for gold in another area.” Leaving home is one reason, another is you might die.

In the gold rush it wasn’t just about gold. You could die. I would not want to risk my own life for a chance to get gold. For a quick example, the passage (see paragraphs two and three) states,”They thought about all problems that the travelers would face like sickness, bad weather, dangerous animals and encounters with Native Americans.” The possibility of death is one reason. Leaving your family and not getting gold are other reasons.

The evidence is overwhelming. You should not go to California for the gold rush. Here are the reasons, first, you might not even get gold. Second, you would have to leave your family, home, and friends. Third, you might die. Therefore don’t think it’s worth it. I hope you think so to.


Cougar are amazing creatures they have many was to hunt first of all can live in the mountains in north and south america. What cougar eat elk and moose cougar look they have reddish brown with black fur ear very small as you can see people think cougars are cute but they are very danaes animames live into larn more.

First of all you code learn more here about where they live .cougars habra mountains or the west north and south america they have been seen in grosseto bush swamp and forest where they live body paragraph 2 is what they eat.

Next they are thing they eat they eat elk and moose they eat about 600 pounds of elk and moose they have reddish brown to gray brown white underside.

Last of all they look like they have long tails with black fur head is very small round ears large eyes long claw teeth that are specially K9 teeth for tearing meet i tot moste lee all about cougars.

Did you know cougars can lipe up to 12 feet in conclusion cougar and dershadth icsicts so they know what they are capbole of.

sea world

Why Seaworld should not exist

Seaworld should not exist. They should not be bringing animals to Sea World. Trainers should not be training them in the water when animals are wild. They should not be making animals to do tricks.

The reason Seaworld should not exist is because they harm animals when they are training them. They are also so rude to them because they make whales and dolphins do a lot of jumping out of water and flipping.

And the whales have barely any room in the tanks which means the whales have to fight off the sun burn. Also when trainers are training them they end up getting attacked. As you can see so far seaworld should not exist for very good reasons.

Sea World make people pay thousands of dollars to even go to Sea World. And what else i do not like about Seaworld is they catch rare animals and do not treat them right at all like the whale is a rare animal and they do not treat them right.

As you can see this is why Seaworld should not exist they are always rude to the rare animals. Mabe in your opinion seaworld should exist but in my opinion i think seaworld should not exist.

When I Am 100 Years Old . . . .

Looking back over the past 100 years, I have admit I’ve had a wonderful life. Now I live in a plastic cooler with 2 baby penguins on the Antarctic ice next to Santa’s workshop and reindeer stand and Santa’s candy cane sled. Now the baby penguins found their mama and now I’m alone plus the mama penguin slapped me on the cheek angrily. But an elf took me inside the workshop to get me some warm and toasty hot chocolate .

I had a great career as a toy making elf making toys for boys and girls and feeding the reindeer and cleaning Santa’s candy cane sled for the Clauses for a vacation. I’m in charge while there on vacation cause I got my 99th elf of the month while the bad elf cleans up the reindeer poop until the Clauses get back from their vacation.

My family has been by my side throughout all of it. They helped me pack my stuff to live in Santa’s workshop. They also helped make and pack presents in Santa’s Christmas bag. They helped me wrap presents for all the good children and pack coal in his Coal bag for all the bad children in the world.

My biggest accomplishment was having my 100th elf of the month reward and I will soon have my very own private office and I couldn’t have done it without my elf friends and my family and Santa’s help to help me accomplish my goals and dreams for this moment and this life is actually perfect and wonderful for this happy life and soul.

If I live another 100 years, I would be Santa then I would ask elves to make toys for good girls and boys and make them make me coal for all the bad girls and boys but my life was very easy and happy. If your old and live in a tiny cooler and live in the freezing Antarctic make sure your an elf at Santa’s workshop if your like me.

Should kids have homework

I think that kids should have homework because it would help them learn a lot.Homework is an good thing for you because it would help you learn a lot. I love homework because I sorta like every time we get a page of math I sometimes say yay because i kinda like math.Math is like the most important thing in school because it is one of the things that teach you a lot.

So i think that kids should get Homework. I just think homework and math is like the best thing for kids and other people too.homework each time you get get homework and you concentrate on it then it will make you learn more and more because the more you pay attention the more you will learn.Homework is like the most thing that will help you get good grades because homework just teaches you more more and more.There is a lot of kids that love homework because they just get smarter and smarter every time they get a page.

Some kids love homework.Just because some people like homework it doesn’t mean that you need to be rood about it.Everybody loves more than one thing.Everybody is a different person.So please don’t judge other people that like things that you don’t like so be nice and be respectful to other people.
So there was this boy and he loved homework and everybody else hated homework and every time he got homework and he would always be so excited


My old school used to be bloomington hills bobcats and that is what I am going to be talking about that today. So I am going to talk about where they live. How they look. when they hunt. And the conclusion stay toon.

First let’s talk about where they live. Bobcats usually live in forests, mountains and swamps.sometimes they live in snowy areas. Bobcats like to live and hunt on rocky, brushy hillsides.Now let’s talk about the looks.

Next let’s talk about how they look. They have long legs and large paws. They can also way up to about thirty pounds. Even though bobcats look like large housecat , it is quite fierce it and it can kill animals as large as deer. Now for when they hunt.

Last but not least let’s talk about when they hunt. They roam freely in the night and are active in the day. If a crack or a cave is not available, they will make a den in a dense grove of brush or sometimes choose a hollow in a log or a tree. Well I am done more about my school.

My mascot was bob the bobcat. At assemblies he would always come in on a vacuum. He always threw stuff in the crowd. One time I got a bracelet but someone stole it. One time my brother got a small basket ball he actually still has it. It was a good school. What was or is your school mascot.

When i am 100 years old…

Looking back over the past 100 years , i have to admit i’ve had a pretty wonderful life. I now live…At the east gate apartments on the 3rd floor.The number of my apartment is C12.I have a lot of friends there i like to go down and hang out with them.I have a lot of fun hanging out with them.I have a pecher on my wall of my house of me and my mom.It sides that behind every good kid is a great mom.I have a lot of fun there.

I had a great career as a…ice cream maker at sheralds. I really enjoyed my job there my friends and i working together it is so fun. We like to have dinner at my house .I got to bring home some ice cream for my friends and i.My friends love the ice cream.I got a coupon i still have it.I loved my job and i had a lot of fun doing it.

My family has been by my side throughout all of it.They…helped me up when i fell down.They gave me money when i needed it the most to buy food for me and my kids.They helped me when i digged my own grave. They even helped me when i didn’t want them to. They love me and cerre for me. They told me when i was young they always helped me out of a picule. When i needed there help they always said YES!

My BIGGEST accomplishment was…being a scientist and a new species of cat. I also discovered that aliens do exist on mars and on earth and that started world war 3. I loved helping people when they needed it. That is why i joined the army and fought for the good side i will not ever stop fighting for the good side.

If i live another 100 years,i would…i would joined the army again and still fight for the good. I would still work at the same job. I would still hang out with the same friends.

Pokemon go the craze

Pokemon Go Craze

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm Pokemon go give it’s players a challenge because.Any Pokemon could be caught even if you were trying to catch it and if someone else wants. To catch it they can that is were the challenge comes you can battle in gyms. The game allows players to catch,train, and fight virtual monsters. In matter of days, the app gained more users than twitter.

The game seems like an excellent activity for kids– it’s fun,it gets kids to go out on walks and exercise. Yet many parents, and even police, would rather see the Pokemon go craze go away.How come? First of all it seems like to make it’s users,both young and old lose their
common sense. And sometimes people who use Pokemon go even die.

Distracted players run into benches and poles. Which can cause a concussion and that is bad. Concussions can kill peoples brains and some can come from Pokemon go. In Sandy ago two man fell of a cliff while chasing little monsters and ended up in a hospital. Everyday Pokemon Go –related to injuries,such as broken legs,twisted ankle sales, and bruised shins are reported because players are too glued to their screens to pay attention to their surroundings.

Pokemon go is fun and all but it has killed a if I remember correctly it has killed at leased 2 people because they both fell of a cliff.

Some people even ran into the trafic. Some people even never get off their phones to look at nthier suroundings. Pokemon go just drives people off a cliff or to a concussion. Or even really bad injury like broken leg or sprang ankle. Or even death 5 people well playing Pokemon go died because they tripped on a stick of a cliff.

In conclusion Pokemon go is dangerous. But it is fun to play. So pay attention where you are at. And try not to fall off a cliff. So pay attention or protest so Pokemon go doe’s. Not get to were no one can play it enemy more. So if you ask me. Pokemon Go the craze is dangerous but fun and a some to play in all but it is dangerous but it does get kids out side exercising. Some people think that Pokemon go is lousy. The facts speak for them selves. That Pokemon go is

Pokemon GO Goes Crazy

Pokemon go is a good outside source.Some kids would stay inside.Hospitals will use it.Kids will interact with each other.pokemon go will put your kid outside.

Kids like to stay inside and do nothing.Pokemon go will take them on a outside journey.they will take walks.They will chase pokemon all over.Hospitals will use them.

Hospitals want their patients to feel happy.So they put up lures.They also put up pokestops.this makes the patients feel at home.Kids can interact with each other.

Kids usually have no motivation to go outside.Now they do.Pokemon Go helps children to go outside and interact with each other.An make new friends too.Pokemon go can help us.

Pokemon go can get us moving.Also to interact with people.Helps make new friends.Helps hospitals.pokemon go is helpful.

should kids have homework

I think people should have homework. Some people love homework like me, and some people do not like it. Three things that I love about homework. One, It makes me smarter and learn a lot more. Two, It will help us get in college and a good job. Three, can you help people with math? Think about this. Can you get smarter and smarter in math? Well I will tell you a story about costa. He was fascinated with socker. He was excellent at math especially times tables. He was done with them in three minutes. But I was done with them in for minutes. But he had to stop socker because he had been distracted with it not math! Makenna is destaked by dance class, tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop,And she halfs to quit them all! Her grads are all ok but she had an a A+. mandy had the same problem

You can get smarter and smarter in math. If you love math more then me you can master your times, division, addition and subtraction. I am good at math like ninety nine times ten is nine hundred and ninety. It is easy but some say it is hard. Look nine times ten is ninety then add nine at the beginning. That is nine hundred and ninety. If you do not know your times, division, addition and subtraction then you can learn them. They are easy you can tutor or a teacher for help. Can you get a good job with a lot of good grads? Some jobs you half to go to college and get a degree. Some jobs you have are fun but some are not fun!

If you have all good grads you will probably go to a good college. How does college help us? It will help us by getting a good job and to provide money. Jobs will get you some money or a lot. For your family and you, jobs can help you in a lot of things. Like money, people need money. If you are rich and you think money is not important to you doesn’t mean other people do not need it. You can donate things to pore people like food, blanket and money. Can you be a tutor? My friend’s sister is a tutor and she has a good job to. She use to tutor me it was fun, but then she tutors someone else now. She is very nice and pretty.

You can be a tutor and help people like if they need help with math help them. If there was no tutors in the world it would be hard. If you need help and are lost would you ask a tutor or a teacher? I would ask a tutor. But that is my opinion. I hade use to ask a tutor for help with corsiva. Can math help you? You can help people if they need help. If you need help ask a tutor or an teacher.

Math can help you with a lot of things. Like a college and jod. And you use it every day almost like in a store or in work. In a store and you need an apple pie but it is five dollars and you have five on you but you need other things that are one dollar pick one! I love math it is awesome and outstanding. Even if some people say, ¨ It is bad.¨ You can say, ¨ I love homework.¨ But that will probably not change their mind. But they can be inspired by you, and you can be inspired by them!