Should kids have homework


Yes they should have homework but not everyday . Why well to be smart. Being smart is a good thing so when someone needs help it’s easy for you to do. I also don’t think they need homework every day. Why they shouldn’t because they need a break from homework EVERYONE SHOULD.

Homework i love it’s nice to be learning new stuff.
Homework is a good idea for people, people love homework it’s good for your brain if we did not have homework we would be dum and not be able to read or do math or talk nothing. We should always have homework. Homework is really good thing for people to do.

Loving homework is a good thing. I help my sister a lot with her homework and she still doesn’t get it. My sister is just practicing so she probably doesn’t know much. My sister is in 1st! Grade.
Your mom and dad probably don’t have time to help you because they have to do dishes and all of those stuff to many CHORES? BORING?

As me practicing an accomplishment is a good idea because it’ good to practice it makes you and me smarter. You can finish your goal. That would be an accomplishment to do. Finishing a goal is good.