Turkey vs. Bald Eagle

Turkey vs Bald Eagle
Picture this. It is the year 2032. You are scrolling through the united states’ animals. You see the wild tuerke as the states’ bird. You are confused. In the future, I think the Bald Eagle’s position in America will be questioned. “Who would take the place of the eagle?” you may ask. The wild turkey, of course. I agree with Benjamin Franklin on this. The Indian tribes treated the turkey like it was a God. They were crazy about the turkeys. They loved them so much that they even domesticated them.
First of all, Benjamin Franklin himself thought the turkey should have been in place of the Eagle. Plus, the wild turkey is native to north America. The native Americans had many uses for the turkey, including food, warm cloaks, and they even domesticated them. The Aztecs and Mayans called the turkey, “Great Toltec,”or jeweled bird.
What made Franklin this way about the Turkey? Other tribes of Indians believed the turkey to guide the dead to the next world. Turkeys are also very courageous. If they feel threatened they will confront the threat, and if necessary, it will fight.
In my opinion, the Turkey looks better. The Turkey Is very colorful, whereas the Eagle is only brown and white. I hope you would take color over the flat undertone of the Eagle. The eagle only has two colors on it, but the turkey has many
In conclusion, Turkeys would be a better candidate in most ways. Methinks that Benjamin Franklin made a good argument on the united states’ bird. Do you think that the Bald Eagle deserves his spot?

Is technology a good thing or a bad thing?

In my opinion, technology is very good, in fact it has improved most people’s lives in many ways. For one, without cellphones emergencies would be so much worse. Also, cellphones make staying in touch with friends and family possible (and easy) all over the globe. Imagine this, a nine year old boy named Bob Jones lived in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. It was a quiet life for him, he didn’t have many friends. On his birthday, August 28, his parents bought him an Ipad, but his parents never let him use it to text his family. His brother had moved away a while ago. He died in a car crash, but Bob had no idea that anything happened. Can’t you see my point.
If you were camping and someone got hurt badly and no one had a phone. they would probably die if there was no time to drive to a hospital. In a quote from Bauer Innes, “emergencies would be so much worse without cell phones.” If there was a car crash, not a soul would know. Anyways, emergencies would be infinitely worse.
Like Bob Jones, if you couldn’t communicate with friends and family, your life would probably be terrible. It would be so boring not being connected with the outside world. Online games can help make friends too. This would help good ole Bob.
Technology is good, however the use of it should be limited. The passage, “cell phone revolution”says, “However, cell phones have not replaced sitting down and talking with someone in person.” Texting should not be a substitute for face to face conversation, however if you can’t have a face to face conversation then texting is good. It can also be bad. One example of texting being bad is texting while driving. This has injured and killed many people.
To continue Bob’s story, Bob’s parents were so against tech that their whole family had no idea what was happening unless they traveled to their house. Without tech, life would suck. In conclusion, technology has influenced our lives for the better.

Should Kids Have Homework?

My Feelings About Homework

Most of the world’s debates have been settled, but there is one that hasn’t. This disputable question is whether or not children should have homework. Imagine this. Aaron Abbot was a normal fifth grader that lived in a small mining town called Imalone. Population:4 (him, his parents, and his teacher.) Every day his teacher, Mrs. Hickenbotham, piled around thirty five pages of homework in his backpack. Most of the children’s opinions would be against homework. However, most adults agree it is a good thing. What side are you on?
I disagree that homework is good, I think that homework is never reasonable. The passage, “The Time Factor” says, “Some kids, especially in advanced classes, have hours of homework piled on from several different teachers.” A ban on homework would be good for both teachers and children. This makes it easier for the teacher, because then he doesn’t have to grade as many papers. This way they don’t have to work over the weekends.
In my opinion, homework should be banned. No work should be assigned to students if one student is struggling in a subject, give that kind of homework. This would certainly be harder for the teachers but it would help a large margin for the students.
My feeling is that kids should get a good amount of free time. When kids are already spending six to seven hours a day in school, they don’t need more work after school. If they can’t play with their friends, soon they won’t have any friends. If I didn’t have any friends my life would suck.
I despise, abhor, hate, loathe, and reject homework in every way. To continue the story, it took Aaron hours on end most days. He went to bed late and woke up early, because of homework. Eventually he died because he didn’t get enough sleep. The next day Mrs. Hickenbotham died of shame.In my opinion it is horrible, abominable, atrocious, awful, distressing, hideous, lousy, rotten, and crumby.