The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

People that had lived during the gold rush ( 1848 – 1855 ) had a very hard decision to make. Which was would they move to west California with hopes of getting rich with gold or would they stay with their family and friends?

Those that were anxious to go thought that they had made a fortune. They had heard that many of the first workers had made a lot of money. Some of the workers had made ten times of the money that they made at their old job company. They were called prospectors and forty-niners, since most of them traveled in 1849.

Others thought that the forty-niners were out of their minds! They thought about all of the problems that the travelers would face like bad sickness, bad weather, dangerous animals, and encounters with native americans. On the very top of all of those things they may or may not find gold. They could have really bad problems wherever they are going.

The life of a prospector was never easy. When all of the gold was gone in the town, they would abandon the town and go look for gold in another area. I bet you 100 dollars when the workers left they were probably thinking, ¨ well that was a dumb decision to go away from our my family¨

Would you ever want to leave you family to be rich with gold and money? I wouldn’t leave my family to be rich with gold. It would be nice to be rich with gold but, I would rather stay home instead of going in West California and leaving my family and friends.