When i am 100 years old…

Looking back over the past 100 years , i have to admit i’ve had a pretty wonderful life. I now live…At the east gate apartments on the 3rd floor.The number of my apartment is C12.I have a lot of friends there i like to go down and hang out with them.I have a lot of fun hanging out with them.I have a pecher on my wall of my house of me and my mom.It sides that behind every good kid is a great mom.I have a lot of fun there.

I had a great career as a…ice cream maker at sheralds. I really enjoyed my job there my friends and i working together it is so fun. We like to have dinner at my house .I got to bring home some ice cream for my friends and i.My friends love the ice cream.I got a coupon i still have it.I loved my job and i had a lot of fun doing it.

My family has been by my side throughout all of it.They…helped me up when i fell down.They gave me money when i needed it the most to buy food for me and my kids.They helped me when i digged my own grave. They even helped me when i didn’t want them to. They love me and cerre for me. They told me when i was young they always helped me out of a picule. When i needed there help they always said YES!

My BIGGEST accomplishment was…being a scientist and a new species of cat. I also discovered that aliens do exist on mars and on earth and that started world war 3. I loved helping people when they needed it. That is why i joined the army and fought for the good side i will not ever stop fighting for the good side.

If i live another 100 years,i would…i would joined the army again and still fight for the good. I would still work at the same job. I would still hang out with the same friends.