When I Am 100 Years Old . . . .

Looking back over the past 100 years, I have admit I’ve had a wonderful life. Now I live in a plastic cooler with 2 baby penguins on the Antarctic ice next to Santa’s workshop and reindeer stand and Santa’s candy cane sled. Now the baby penguins found their mama and now I’m alone plus the mama penguin slapped me on the cheek angrily. But an elf took me inside the workshop to get me some warm and toasty hot chocolate .

I had a great career as a toy making elf making toys for boys and girls and feeding the reindeer and cleaning Santa’s candy cane sled for the Clauses for a vacation. I’m in charge while there on vacation cause I got my 99th elf of the month while the bad elf cleans up the reindeer poop until the Clauses get back from their vacation.

My family has been by my side throughout all of it. They helped me pack my stuff to live in Santa’s workshop. They also helped make and pack presents in Santa’s Christmas bag. They helped me wrap presents for all the good children and pack coal in his Coal bag for all the bad children in the world.

My biggest accomplishment was having my 100th elf of the month reward and I will soon have my very own private office and I couldn’t have done it without my elf friends and my family and Santa’s help to help me accomplish my goals and dreams for this moment and this life is actually perfect and wonderful for this happy life and soul.

If I live another 100 years, I would be Santa then I would ask elves to make toys for good girls and boys and make them make me coal for all the bad girls and boys but my life was very easy and happy. If your old and live in a tiny cooler and live in the freezing Antarctic make sure your an elf at Santa’s workshop if your like me.