Turkey vs Bald Eagle

Picture this to have a turkey or a bald eagle. Turkey are the powerful because they can hurt you and chase you. Bald eagle are the best because they lose talons to catch food. So turkey are mean they are negatief to north america and they are now fear less. So the bald eagle watches for food and the bald eagle has a little pond .

You should agree So i think you should go with bald eagle because bald eagle are so nicer than turkey because they eat bugs and they not chase you . so turkey are mean but bald eagle are not and they are so nice because they are not has much wild. They have more nice ness then turkey but i kinda like both. So you guys can choose i would pick bald eagle because it nice and it cool. They are so nice i would get one.

So turkey are so mean they chase you and they hurt you. I had one and it would cause my everywhere. The turkey hurts you and you get chase by it.the wild turkey idthe warsed