Turkey vs. Bald Eagle

Turkey vs Bald Eagle
Picture this. It is the year 2032. You are scrolling through the united states’ animals. You see the wild tuerke as the states’ bird. You are confused. In the future, I think the Bald Eagle’s position in America will be questioned. “Who would take the place of the eagle?” you may ask. The wild turkey, of course. I agree with Benjamin Franklin on this. The Indian tribes treated the turkey like it was a God. They were crazy about the turkeys. They loved them so much that they even domesticated them.
First of all, Benjamin Franklin himself thought the turkey should have been in place of the Eagle. Plus, the wild turkey is native to north America. The native Americans had many uses for the turkey, including food, warm cloaks, and they even domesticated them. The Aztecs and Mayans called the turkey, “Great Toltec,”or jeweled bird.
What made Franklin this way about the Turkey? Other tribes of Indians believed the turkey to guide the dead to the next world. Turkeys are also very courageous. If they feel threatened they will confront the threat, and if necessary, it will fight.
In my opinion, the Turkey looks better. The Turkey Is very colorful, whereas the Eagle is only brown and white. I hope you would take color over the flat undertone of the Eagle. The eagle only has two colors on it, but the turkey has many
In conclusion, Turkeys would be a better candidate in most ways. Methinks that Benjamin Franklin made a good argument on the united states’ bird. Do you think that the Bald Eagle deserves his spot?