turckey and the bald eagle

I think they should have the bald eagle and they have the sharp claws and they have a beeck and they and it yellow and there eyes are brown and is is cool to and they have a brown body and they have some white on there body.

Some people think that bald eagles are scary but they are not they look scary because they have the beck and it is yellow and it is really scary to get up close to one.

And the bald eagle is a big bird and the bald eagle is and the wings are about 7 feet and it can fly between 35-46 miles per hour and they have life expectancy in wild turkey 10 years and bald eagle 20 years so the eagle.

Wild turkey males have red purple green cooper and gold feathers females have duller color and shades of brown and gray feathers. And like us they can turn their head halfway like us they are cool animals. Likewise they are incrediball birds they are big big birds and they have a white on their head and white on there tale and they have white on there head to it is cool

A bald eagle is a american bird there is only one that lives in north america and the bald eagle and it also lives by bodies of water in canada and the eagles use their strong beak to eat food. And they have amazing flying skills and they can flying up to 35 miles per hour. And they can see very well to it is good eye site. And they are fierce hunters and they are very scary. And they have a fighting alarm. And they can turn the head half way around.