the gold rush

THE GOLD RUSH Would you go to california to get gold which is like crossing the united states to go get gold which is really dumb but some people do go there so they can get rich and i have a family and they are the best at everything thing they do because they are cool. And i will not cross the whole united states to go get rich. My family is more important than gold because all it is is gold that you can get rich but y would people go there and get rich like you are going to not come back and you are going to leave your family behind and they will never come back. I will go there but it is like 2018 here so i can not do that so i will not leave my family behind because i love my family and i will never leave them behind and if they there and stay their then i will go with them but if they move back then i will then. Is a hard thing because you have mermeries there and then you have done some fun stuff like having a sleepover with your i friends then your friends move and it is hard and there house has memories in their house like me my friend moved his name is landen he was my bestest friend so i would never move but he did. A Lot of people have moved to the gold rush i have seen a girl named shiAnne she has moved and she has followed her dreams and kyiree and carson did and they are in my class and kyiree is so nice and she is sweat and i anistly would not move. And in are town called price utah and it is cool and there is a coal mine in helper and are town is so cool i go to this school called heights elementary. I will never move to california at all because it would be really far to go that way because that is a waste of time just stay where you are living. And do not move to a different state.