Technology is good because texting is good because if you get hurt then you then can be like hand me my phone and you can call yah and then your mom comes and picks you up and then drive you to the hospitable and they can come home and you can rest and play granny and have fun it is a popular game it is like you have five days to get out and they can have fun and they can play it all in middle school and they can run from her and you need to get out is the pliyers and a master key and if technology was not invented then that game would not be invented ether and they can have fun with the game granny it is fun⚝☣☯☹ and it is so fun to
play it is fun the thing in world and the technology is good so that we can now have fun with it is pretty ࿕࿕࿕࿕ cool and they can like watch TV and they can play with the game they want to play on a ps4 they can get it on a phone or a tablet so it is cool to have technology here but some places do not have technology there like in texas and they can have the cellphone and they can have the cool stuff like us.and they can have fun with the cool games that we have