Should kids have homework

I think that kids should have homework because it would help them learn a lot.Homework is an good thing for you because it would help you learn a lot. I love homework because I sorta like every time we get a page of math I sometimes say yay because i kinda like math.Math is like the most important thing in school because it is one of the things that teach you a lot.

So i think that kids should get Homework. I just think homework and math is like the best thing for kids and other people too.homework each time you get get homework and you concentrate on it then it will make you learn more and more because the more you pay attention the more you will learn.Homework is like the most thing that will help you get good grades because homework just teaches you more more and more.There is a lot of kids that love homework because they just get smarter and smarter every time they get a page.

Some kids love homework.Just because some people like homework it doesn’t mean that you need to be rood about it.Everybody loves more than one thing.Everybody is a different person.So please don’t judge other people that like things that you don’t like so be nice and be respectful to other people.
So there was this boy and he loved homework and everybody else hated homework and every time he got homework and he would always be so excited