should kids have homework

I think people should have homework. Some people love homework like me, and some people do not like it. Three things that I love about homework. One, It makes me smarter and learn a lot more. Two, It will help us get in college and a good job. Three, can you help people with math? Think about this. Can you get smarter and smarter in math? Well I will tell you a story about costa. He was fascinated with socker. He was excellent at math especially times tables. He was done with them in three minutes. But I was done with them in for minutes. But he had to stop socker because he had been distracted with it not math! Makenna is destaked by dance class, tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop,And she halfs to quit them all! Her grads are all ok but she had an a A+. mandy had the same problem

You can get smarter and smarter in math. If you love math more then me you can master your times, division, addition and subtraction. I am good at math like ninety nine times ten is nine hundred and ninety. It is easy but some say it is hard. Look nine times ten is ninety then add nine at the beginning. That is nine hundred and ninety. If you do not know your times, division, addition and subtraction then you can learn them. They are easy you can tutor or a teacher for help. Can you get a good job with a lot of good grads? Some jobs you half to go to college and get a degree. Some jobs you have are fun but some are not fun!

If you have all good grads you will probably go to a good college. How does college help us? It will help us by getting a good job and to provide money. Jobs will get you some money or a lot. For your family and you, jobs can help you in a lot of things. Like money, people need money. If you are rich and you think money is not important to you doesn’t mean other people do not need it. You can donate things to pore people like food, blanket and money. Can you be a tutor? My friend’s sister is a tutor and she has a good job to. She use to tutor me it was fun, but then she tutors someone else now. She is very nice and pretty.

You can be a tutor and help people like if they need help with math help them. If there was no tutors in the world it would be hard. If you need help and are lost would you ask a tutor or a teacher? I would ask a tutor. But that is my opinion. I hade use to ask a tutor for help with corsiva. Can math help you? You can help people if they need help. If you need help ask a tutor or an teacher.

Math can help you with a lot of things. Like a college and jod. And you use it every day almost like in a store or in work. In a store and you need an apple pie but it is five dollars and you have five on you but you need other things that are one dollar pick one! I love math it is awesome and outstanding. Even if some people say, ¨ It is bad.¨ You can say, ¨ I love homework.¨ But that will probably not change their mind. But they can be inspired by you, and you can be inspired by them!