should kids have homework

Should kids have homework
Chapter 1
It will help them…it will also help them understand math very well.It will help them sucssed in the future like in college,high shool, and when they have a job.Some kids don’t like homework and some do like homework.Doing homework will help you understand what the teacher is talking about in class and if talking to your aunt and she is talking about math and some of you have done that before.

Chapter 2
when you don’t understand math then it will be harder for you in your college years and your college years.that is why homework is there to help you understand.I dont like homework and you mite like home work but i do not like homework.homework makes kids smarter and if there was not homework then kids would not be as smart as they are might call me stuped but math is fun.

Chapter 3
I do think that homework is very importent to the brain and the body as well.Learning math will help you in the future.