should kids have homework

I think they should not have homework because parents do not have time to help their kids and the parents are like washing the dishes or cleaning the house or helping other siblings like your brother or a sister and they do not have the time to help you do your homework because they have to do other stuff and they can not help you. And people think homework is so fun.Then parents are at work and they can not help you do your homework because teachers are forcing you to do homework and they do not want to do it because they just want to have fun the kids are just tired of school and they just need to not do homework when your friend wants to hang out with you and your mom said that you can not play because you are doing your homework. And even pinnacle has no homework and that is not fare. And like half of the schools do not have homework in price even in like alaska or missouri and colorado and all the schools like mont harmon they do not give them homework at all.And the schools they do have homework because teachers do not want the students to have a lot of stuff to do when they get when they get home they are not doing a lot of stuff when they get home they do not have to. and then they can care about it at school at school. And the other schools have to do that to. And the teachers want you to focus on what they are teaching not on homework. And the teachers i bet they do not want to deal deal with homework when they are teaching they want you to be not focus on homework. But then you have to worry about it and. They can not help you find it because it is your responsibility because it is yours not theirs. And they cannot and parents do not care about homework they. said that it is a waste of time when they have other stuff to do besides. the dumb homework they do not care at all. And kids want to have fun not sitting there bored doing homework. And they do not want homework and it is dumb and it is the stupid thing in the world it crushes kids lifes when they see you do homework and then carson barrett and they were going to go to monisalow and he can not go there because of homework and kids do not have time to do homework it is stupid and go in a airplane and throw it out then find it and put a grenade on it and blow it up and have fun doing it to.