Should Kids Have Homework?

Do you like homework? Is it just a waste of time for you? Would you rather be doing sports or hanging out with friends or playing video games instead of having to waste your time doing schoolwork after school? If so, you’re not alone. Tons of kids all over the world have the same problems with homework. Wouldn’t be nice to just put a stop to it all. If you’re one of those kids who likes homework, you may be thinking: why get rid of homework, why stop the extra learning. If you are wondering those things, here are some reasons why. First of all, kids do not have very good control over their home lives and do not have access to some of the materials needed to do homework. Secondly, homework takes up too much of a kid’s time and while they are already on a tight schedule, having homework can offset the balance of their time and use up all the time they have to do things that they like. Lastly, homework sometimes is about things the student already knows very well, not teaching them anything and thus, is a complete waste. Those are the reasons to get rid of homework.

First, kids cannot control what is going on in their lives. They might have a peaceful home where they can concentrate and do their work. On the other hand, some kids might have a crazy, stressful, and chaotic home life and may have little or no internet access and school supplies. In the text it talks about kids like this, saying, “Their home environment is chaotic, stressful, even hostile. There is no place to get alone so they can concentrate. There are few or no school supplies for projects and no computer or Internet access.” How can we argue with that? As you can see, because of these kids diverse home environment, it is unfair for kids to have homework. To further escalate my point, why should kids have to waste all of their precious time with work after school?

The second reason that kids should not have homework is that it can offset the balance of their time. Already having tight schedules, students are forced to waste their only free time doing homework. This can also make them fidgety and anxious causing them to not pay attention in class, thereby getting worse grades because of extra studying. Quoting from the author, “But many times kids are forced to cut fun activities in order to do homework assignments. There’s simply not enough time to do everything, and that means something has to go. Often this means precious family time or hanging out with friends.” As it is now clear, kids should not have homework. To add to that, what point is there to having homework when kids have already mastered?

Another reason of why homework is not needed is simple. What point is there to having to constantly drilling a skill that you already mastered? Why should kids have to do repeatedly practice something they already learned? Because of this, homework is oftentimes a big waste. Borrowing some words from the text it says, “If a child has mastered a skill, there is no reason to waste time drilling it over and over.” Why should kids have homework if kids have a chaotic home life and very little supplies for doing it making it unfair? Why should there be homework if it wastes all their free time, and can even cause them to get bad grades? Last but not least, what point is there to homework if kids have already mastered the skill? All in all, there is no reason in giving children homework.

Caution, you’re about to hear the alarming tale of Bob. (not Bob the Builder!) Bob was a young boy of age nine. He wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. He came from a very poor family that could not afford to pay for his college. His family knew that Bob really wanted to be a doctor and when they told him that college was not affordable therefore ruining his hopes of becoming a doctor (because you need a diploma and a doctor’s degree to become a doctor.) however he was not because of his “plan.” His plan was to do excellent in school, allowing him to receive a scholarship. His plan worked, that was, until the homework came along. It was a nice spring day, and Bob was happy he did well at school as always that is, until the end of the day when the homework came. Bob wasn’t used to this and started freaking out, forgetting to even do it. The next day when he was asked to hand it in and he didn’t, his grades went down. He was so frustrated he never even did homework again. This caused his grades to burn to the ground. This caused him to not receive a scholarship which made him not receive a diploma forcing him to not become a doctor. This made him so angry, he decided to not even get a job! Without a job, he had no money and without money, he had no house, family, or even a life. He also couldn’t pay bills, and sadly, this caused him to be sentenced to jail for life. As it is now clear, homework is beastly! It is an abomination to life! I believe, as should everyone else, that homework is atrocious, awful, unacceptable, dreadful, lousy, abominable, inferior, crummy, beastly, and just plain stupid! Why don’t teachers just realize how dumb it is and that not all kids have good home environments, school supplies, and, time for homework?! Plus, what point does homework have if kids already know the dumb skills it teaches! I mean, think of the sad story of poor, poor Bob. That is why homework is abominable. Crush homework kids, crush it!!! Help put an end to these dumb pieces of paper! The end! (and don’t forget to crush it!)