sea world

Why Seaworld should not exist

Seaworld should not exist. They should not be bringing animals to Sea World. Trainers should not be training them in the water when animals are wild. They should not be making animals to do tricks.

The reason Seaworld should not exist is because they harm animals when they are training them. They are also so rude to them because they make whales and dolphins do a lot of jumping out of water and flipping.

And the whales have barely any room in the tanks which means the whales have to fight off the sun burn. Also when trainers are training them they end up getting attacked. As you can see so far seaworld should not exist for very good reasons.

Sea World make people pay thousands of dollars to even go to Sea World. And what else i do not like about Seaworld is they catch rare animals and do not treat them right at all like the whale is a rare animal and they do not treat them right.

As you can see this is why Seaworld should not exist they are always rude to the rare animals. Mabe in your opinion seaworld should exist but in my opinion i think seaworld should not exist.