Red fox

Red Fox 12/5/17

The red fox likes to live on the edges of the forests,tilled fields and marshes.

The red fox will eat anything it can get including berries,apples,grass,birds and mammals.Suscep to rabiesiadeadiy diseuse.They also have a good sense of hearing,sight and smell.Because of its well-developed sense of hearing ,sight, and smell the red fox is an efficient and deadly predator.It is an omnivore, which means that it eats both meat and plants.Because of this, it eats whatever is available including corn ,berries,apples,grasses,birds and mammals.The red has many enemies.

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The red fox well eat
Anything is available

One time i saw a red fox and there was a bush of berries by me and the red fox ate the berries off the bush and then i thought they ate only mammals but i was wrong the red fox will eat anything it can get their mouth on.

The trail of the red fox generally follows fences and fields the edges.