pokemon go

Pokimon go craze paragraph 1
Pokemon go has taken the world by storm.The game allows players to catch train and fight virtual monsters that appear on there smartphone’s screen at random places in the real world.In a matter of days the app gained more users than twitter and sent millions of people onto the streets on a quest to catch em all.The game seems like an excellent activity for kids it’s fun it gets kids to go outon walks and exercise and it promotes strategic thinking.How come.

Pokemon go paragraph 2
First of all it seems like the game makes its users both young and old lose ther comon sense.Since its release the apphas already been linked to stories of dicstracted Pokemon Go players running into poles benches potholes and even into the traffice.Every day Pokemon Go related injuries such as broken legs twisted ankles and bruised shins ate teported becouse players are too glued to theire screens to pay attentionto theire surroundings.In San Diego to men fell off a cliff while chasing little monsters and ended up in the hospital.so pay attenchin

Pokemon go paragraph 3
It is no secret that pokemon go has conquered the world. But unlike most video games and apps it has also conquered many parent’s hearts who parise the positive effects the game has on theire kid’s.For one the game will get even the biggest couch potato to go outside and walk!
And hours spent on walking while chasing pokemon critters provide valuable physical activity for the kids

Pokemon go paragraph 4
At most hospitals hallways are filled with quiet dread.but at C.S. mott children’s hospital in Michigan the hallway’s are filled with … pokemon.that is because the hospital’s staff decided to use the popular game to help it’s young patients feel at home.They set up lures and poke stops all over the buildings and the docters and the nurses are committed to help their residents pokemon trainers their patients catch them all.

Pokemon go paragraph 5
Hopefully more hospitals decide to follow suit and bring a little joy to their young patients.