Pokemon Go

In this essay you will learn about the game Pokemon Go. Here are the basics in three parts. First, the general idea of the game. Second, how it can be bad. Third, how it can be good. Dive in to find out more.

Pokemon Go is a game that allows people to battle, catch, and train monsters called Pokemon. The Pokemon generate on their device, but appear to be in the real world on the device. People can place things called “lures” that make Pokemon spawn there. The passage Pokemon Go Craze states,”The game allows players to catch, train, and fight virtual monsters that appear on their smartphone’s screen at random places in the real world.” This is one thing about the game. How it is bad is another.

Pokemon Go has caused incidents, like players running into things. People seem to lose their common sense well playing. “Lures” can be used for bad things, like robberies. They can also make people go to dangerous places well playing. The reason people go to the dangerous places is simple: no common sense. The passage Pokemon Go Craze states,”First of all, it seems like the game makes its users, both young and old, lose their common sense.” This one thing about the game. How it is good is another. So read on to find out more!

People think that Pokemon Go is good. The reason for this is that if (a) parent’s kid(s) won’t get
of the couch, the game gets them of. Kids with disabilities play and people don’t care if they are doing something weird or odd. They just don’t care at all and it helps the kids feel welcome. The passage Pokemon Friends states,” For one, the game will get even the biggest couch potato to go outside and walk!” This is one thing about Pokemon Go. Other things are, one, the basics of the game. Two, How it is bad.

These are things about Pokemon Go. Did you know that one of the less popular Pokemon is Rhyhorn. Here are three things about Pokemon Go. First, the basic idea of the game. Second, how the game is good. Third, how the game is bad. If you know these things, maybe you can play the game or read other things about the game.