No Way, José!!!

No Way, José!!!
Would I move just for a chance to strike gold at the California Gold Rush? The answer is no way, josé! Would you leave your family and safe home for a chance to die, for a chance of sickness or a chance to leave you family to travel to who-knows-where? Dive in to find out about the painfulness of the dangers, the sickness, and leaving you family.
Imagine you are in the middle of traveling and you get sick with diseases like SmallPox, Cholera, Typhoid, Measles, Malaria, Whooping Cough or Tuberculosis. You would have to stop traveling and take care of yourself with the resources you had or resources from nature. Since you were in the middle of nowhere, you would only have the food you brought along the trip, and since you are sick, you may need extra food, leading to starvation. Also, you are stopped because you are sick, and there are many dangers. Oh, and talk about the dangers!
There are thousands of dangerous animals in the wild that could attack you. There was also bad weather, and encounters with Native americans, who would usually shoot nearby travelers. All this for just a little gold or no gold at all! Would you want to do this?
Also, you would have to leave all the people you love, and all of your friends! Just think how painful that would be! And also, your folks need you around the house! Would you want your family to do all of the work around the house? Would you want to just bale it all on the people you love?
I hope you do not want to do this, as I do not want anyone to be killed by gold. If you do want to do this, that is called greed. And just remember, just one last thought, this is called chances. Chances to die, chances to get ill, Only chances to strike rich. Chances to be greedy. That gold rush was not worth it and not necessary.