No Kid should Have Homework!

No Kid should Have Homework
Once there was a kid named Marissa. She loved to play with her best friend named Merrick. One day Marissa had a playdate planned with Merrick. That day Marissa had some homework. (to be continued). I think that homework is unacceptable, atrocious, awful, dreadful, lousy, abominable, inferior, crummy, and beastly. Kids don’t need homework! They have been sitting in school for six or seven hours already! Trust me, that is enough! Kids need time to be able to do what they want after school, kids need time to be able to imagine! Kids cannot be this stressed like this, people! Being stressed when you are a kid…. well, that can lead to depression! According to The Time Factor, “ This is the prime time of their lives when they should have the most energy, and they’ve been cooped up for hours already. They are ready to let off steam!” Many people hate homework and some people like homework.
Kids have been learning for hours already and they deserve some free time with their families, and homework is too stressing to let any kid do that. It also keeps up the kids up way past their bedtimes sometimes. Kids need their sleep to do well in school. From Home Life, “ For some students, home is all about survival, and homework is simply too stressful.”
To further prove my point, there has been better ways. Instead of homework, there has been a suggestion about “The suggestion calendar”. “The suggestion calendar” is something that a teacher can give as a gift to the student. It helps with things like doing things repeatedly, for example, say that somebody has mastered a subject and doesn’t want to waste time on it after school. The “Suggestion callender” helps with that! It tells parents what their kids need to work on and the things they are good at. According to A Better Way, “If a child has mastered a skill,there is no reason to waste time drilling it over and over, especially when when they are struggling in other areas.
Yes, it is the likers’ turn. (so very sorry). Homework can make kids be proud in themselves, (but in my world, there are always other kids who feel quite the opposite) and homework can also make children feel good and be prepared. Homework can raise self esteem, but it can also make it fall into the fire because there was a tripwire that “was just hanging around” , and self esteem tripped and died, just like your child could do, just because of homework, and together we could sue homework! (mwa ha ha).
I despise homework, and hope that you do too. Save the world! Rip your homework into pieces, and burn those tiny pieces into dust! As I was saying, Marissa had homework that day. She had to stay home to do homework instead of going on that little playdate with Merrik. Your probably thinking, “ That’s not a big deal right? “ but when you are in kindergarten, things are different. Merrick got the wrong idea, and thought that Marissa was not his friend anymore, and that one thought ruined his life. So, as you can see, homework ruins everyone.