Kid should not have homework

Link was the best on his soccer, hockey, and baseball. Then his teacher gave them five essays per week. He began to fail his team because he missed all the practice sessions. The reason he missed them because he was doing essays instead. He got kicked from his team and got depressed, he then failed school, all because of homework. Thus, I do not think homework is wonderful. In fact, I think that it is atrocious, awful, unacceptable, dreadful, lousy, abominable, inferior, crummy, and beastly. (I can think of more, but that would be a long list.) Kids don’t have enough time to do what the want. Repeating the same stuff over and over doesn’t help very much. It may be hard to for kids to do homework because of family stuff. Therefore, I do not think homework is a good idea. I don’t like to live in a world where homework forces so much out of kids. It’s just not right to force what being a kid is like out of them.

Kids can’t do what they want when they are doing homework. Some people think that that’s it is not okay at all. Kids have the right to cool down, but nobody respects that. They have already been in school for hours. Then they have to do homework instead of playing. If you think thokayat this does not happen, it does. In fact, it happens just about every day. It is your job to stop it. For instance, the passage The Time Factor states,”But many times kids are forced to cut fun activities in order to do homework assignments.” This is one reason homework is bad. Another reason that you should stop homework is that doing it again and again doesn’t help them learn very much.

I don’t see why teachers give homework, especially when it’s the same thing every time. Kids don’t learn much by doing the same thing over and over. That is so useless, what is the point of it. I can’t believe what is happening to kids. As an example, the passage A Better Way states,” If a child has mastered a skill, there is no reason to waste time drilling it over and over, especially when they are struggling in other areas.” homework wouldn’t be quite as bad if it wasn’t the same thing over and over. (don’t get me wrong, it would still be horrid.) Having to do the same thing over and over is one reason to stop homework now (please do because the homework just keeps coming). Another reason is family issues.

Kids sometimes can’t do their homework because of family problems, but they get blamed for not doing it. They shouldn’t get blamed for something that is not their fault. That’s like getting arrested when the guy next to you is speeding and your doing nothing wrong. For an example, Home Life states,”For some students, home is all about survival, and homework is simply too stressful.” See what I mean, homework is evil. This is one reason that kids shouldn’t have homework. The other things like, having to cut family things for the horrid homework. Also the fact that it is the same thing over and over are also reasons why you, yes, you should stop homework right now (I don’t care if you stop reading this right now, as long as you stop homework).

The facts speak for themselves. I think kids should not have homework. I hope that you are with me now. Think of Link, depressed and failing because of homework. Oh, yeah, I forgot he ended up getting more homework for failing, and as you probably know he got more depressed. Here are the three reasons in case you forgot, first, kids do not have enough time to do what they want. Second, doing the same thing over and over doesn’t help much. Third, kids might not be able to do their homework because of family issues. Teachers and parents, please don’t do this to kids. ( The kids didn’t do anything to deserve this fate, yet they still have to do homework.)You can stop it if you just have your school leader stop and read this. Yes, I just said you can stop the monster homework is. Just do it, these kids can’t keep doing this. They’re losing what it’s like to be a kid, is their a worse fate?