Is Technology a Good Thing or a Bad Thing

You´ll think technology is good but, it ain´t. Why? Well because if you bring a phone or something that is sorta like a phone to school and your on a trip your phone will ring and just think that your phone rang before you got on the bus and your teacher caught you red-handed and you up to the office and you stay in the office for every field trip, you had to do pages of homework and well, sorry for you because that’s your fault that you did that.

Technology is a bad thing because of cyberbullies and hackers and spams and because of them, people are making other people think that technology is bad so that’s why some parents are making sure that children only have a limited to be on electronics so they don´t get cyberbullied, hacked by hackers, and this one don’t click on any ads or you´ll get scammed. You´ll pay a lot of money if you get scammed.

Sometimes phone and other technology are distracting for people. Fake Life Alert : Some people say that they need phones to live but they don’t. All they need is water,food, and sleep but they are terrible wrong and because they have been on technology for too long so make sure to be on electronics for a limited time like 10 min,15 min,20 min,25 min, or 30 min, so you don’t get attached to their electronics.