Is technology a good thing or a bad thing?

In my opinion, technology is very good, in fact it has improved most people’s lives in many ways. For one, without cellphones emergencies would be so much worse. Also, cellphones make staying in touch with friends and family possible (and easy) all over the globe. Imagine this, a nine year old boy named Bob Jones lived in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. It was a quiet life for him, he didn’t have many friends. On his birthday, August 28, his parents bought him an Ipad, but his parents never let him use it to text his family. His brother had moved away a while ago. He died in a car crash, but Bob had no idea that anything happened. Can’t you see my point.
If you were camping and someone got hurt badly and no one had a phone. they would probably die if there was no time to drive to a hospital. In a quote from Bauer Innes, “emergencies would be so much worse without cell phones.” If there was a car crash, not a soul would know. Anyways, emergencies would be infinitely worse.
Like Bob Jones, if you couldn’t communicate with friends and family, your life would probably be terrible. It would be so boring not being connected with the outside world. Online games can help make friends too. This would help good ole Bob.
Technology is good, however the use of it should be limited. The passage, “cell phone revolution”says, “However, cell phones have not replaced sitting down and talking with someone in person.” Texting should not be a substitute for face to face conversation, however if you can’t have a face to face conversation then texting is good. It can also be bad. One example of texting being bad is texting while driving. This has injured and killed many people.
To continue Bob’s story, Bob’s parents were so against tech that their whole family had no idea what was happening unless they traveled to their house. Without tech, life would suck. In conclusion, technology has influenced our lives for the better.