The mane dog is husky they eat about 1400 calories each day . In the Iditarod the dog walk 1200 miles . the Iditarod started 30 years ago . The first 12 years the first girl win . The girl name was Libby Riddles.

The iditarod is a good race for people because it can be healthy. the iditarod takes about 18 days and you have 16 dogs to the sled according to the text Libby Riddles was the first to girl to win keep reading and you will learn more about a the iditarod

The iditarod started 30 years ago the iditarod is very danderes the iditarod you can indr your dogs to do the iditarod you need 16 dogs to even go into the race.

According to the text the iditarod is the last great race on earth if you look forward to winter sports you might want to move to alaska to train for the iditarod. Much of the training for the iditarod involve taking care of your sled dog’s

The iditarod is very dangerous because you can get sick for how cold and you might lose dogs and get injured do you know that the iditarod is . it is dangerous but you earn a lot of money.