I hate homework

I hate homework!!

One time I was at school then we were just getting ready to go home and I was going bowling and I was so excited then my teacher said, “I put homework in your mailbox in my brain I said no!!! It was so dreadful. Homework uhhh. When kids are in school they learn, they listen and patention. When they hear the bell ring to get out of school they just forget about about math but if you have homework you have to remember to do it and you don’t forget about math. The have to have the responsibility to do there homework when they get home. When they get home they just want to take a break from all of that math! They might have plans and forget to do it like bowling night.

Some people like homework and [that’s ok to me]. But some people don’t homework and I agree. It is awful, terrible, and rotten! What if you know it and you are doing it over and over again and it gets annoying like [really, really annoying]. But it is good practice but it can get annoying if you know it already. Some people like homework. Why? Why do people like homework it is a waste of time and if you do some like dance that some people go to there name is, Mandy.R, Madison. I kinda like it but I don’t love it.

If people are going to there family, dentist, doctors appointment, and dance like I potioned out in the third paragraph it is kinda hard to do your homework when you have amount of time. There is a person named ShiAnne and she does baseball and it is hard for her too. Some people do like homework like this one kid that is in a text saying that he or she likes homework he or he said, “Call me weird. I’m just one of those kids that loves homework. See that kid likes homework. Homework is rotten like rotten food that you ate and you almost puked.

Do you like homework? I kinda like homework because it is good practice. Do you like homework if you do or don’t like homework you maybe want to think about writing a paragraph . If you say yes and want to do homework but if you don’t know how to do your homework you might want to maybe pay attention in class. Or not but you might want too!

In conclusion I think that we shouldn’t because it is crummy and just stupid it is a waste of family time or if you go to dance or sports you might not have enuf time to do homework. I will just tell you what it is right now it is,bad, crummy, awful, terrible, rotten, useless, lousy, and if you know how to do it already it can get really, really annoying. We shouldn’t have homework never because we just did it in school. Lets bring down this homework and you write a 5 paragraph or spread the no homework around and will take down homework! I think we shouldn’t have homework it is just bad, crummy, awful, terrible, rotten, useless, lousy, and really annoying. The end! Goodbye!