i don’t like pokemon

pokemon get them all .

Pokemon you may heard of it you may like it or not . You may think its bad or good there are
pros and cons. I’ll be talking about them both to tell you what it is. Pokemon released the app pokemon go you get it on mobile devices. Well what is it what you do is you go around and get pokemon you catch them you have to move to get them.

Here the pro you get exercise since you haft to move around to get them. Even the biggest guy will get exercise even sosselishis. Atisone those kids don’t like going outside not trying to be mean about it . But you guest it pokemon made them go out and socialise. What happens is that they tell people what they got and everything what their favorite at of all of them.

The cons pokemon no they tried they ammols put kids endangered they may wake into traffic case there chasing pokemon that’s bad . Hot spots people get robbed kidnapped even a girl put a hot spot and within hours kids were looking for them now that’s a problem. People even knock on doors to get pokemon . Some are crazy one guy broke thru drywall it was under constrachin to you know it pokemon. This may not be good to the people this not my opinion.

Prose plus cons they make people soshilies some break the dry walls pokemon is a good and bad . Here’s a good thing the apo got more downloads than write it says in the passage . In matter of days the app gained more users than twitter and sent millions of people on streets on a quest to catch em all another good thing is it helps patients get. Out it says it distracts them from painful procedures and lets them escape frome what may be a scary enver ment. A bad thing and kind of sad thing is that two people walk of the cliff one girl walk into a stream and ground. One people get broken achilles and twisted achilles.

Pokemon people hate it people hate it alot. People made songs about people talk how weird it is . not steding my ipion here about pokemon. I Am telling things you probably didn’t know .but pokemon did have problems with it well it’s the end of this bye.