How we can stay lice free

If you have lice or don’t want lice you should read these 5 paragraphs. Did you know that some people can not get lice? We should try not to touch our heads together no matter what the reason You should read this for some ideas to stay lice free. You should also read this to know what super lice is. You will also learn what ages usually get it. You’ll also learn why it spreads. You will also read some reason lice could be spreading. Also sometimes kids think lice is not a bad thing, but it is one of the worst things in the world. Also some people know that lice is a bad thing but do not do anything about it because they do not want to. (Even though they know lice is bad, despicable, monstrous, horrible, inferior, unacceptable, atrocious, crummy, deadly, and grungy.) Continue reading to find out some ideas to stay lice free!

Get ready to learn how to stay lice free! Here is a reason from the How to keep lice away, Avoid games that involve head-to-head contact. One other reason from the page How to keep lice away, if possible, keep your hat and coat out of the common areas. Lice can easily pass from one person to another’s if they are hanging on the same hook. Prepare yourselves to have another reason from the page How to keep lice away, if you have long hair, keep it… . If you do not have lice shampoo you should get it just in case you do get lice. Another reason you should have lice shampoo on you is if you go somewhere there is no lice shampoo and you get lice. Also they might not be in stock any more. Also they could not be sold in the store any more. Not to mention some people might bye it to be mean. Also you might get sick and have lice while you are sick so you cannot go to the store. Continue reading to find out what super lice is.

If you want to know what super lice is read this paragraph. One reason from the text on how to keep super lice is, Goodger advises parents against treating kids with lice medication unless they DO have lice. Prepare yourselves to get informed what super lice is from the text, Many parents apply lice shampoo on their children as part of “prevention”. But that caused lice to mutate and turn into drug-resistant “super lice” here is another reason from the text, As of right now, super lice are in 42 out of 50 states, and they will not stop until they invade the country, and possibly the world. Lice definitely will not stop until everyone has lice or worse until everyone has super lice. Or maybe till everyone has some kind of unknown lice. Or maybe until lice is extinct, demolished destroyed, and killed.(extinct means none left of). And maybe lice will be extinct and forgotten. Continue reading to learn how it spreads.

Prepare for the ages lice usually takes on! The text states, Up until now lice have been mostly affecting elementary-aged kids. Here is another reason from the text, Based on the data from the center of disease control , it is estimated that lice impact from 6 million to 12 million children between ages of 3 and 11 each year. Here is another reason from the text, But in recent years more and more teenagers have been contracting this paraspit, and social media may be to blame. Maybe the reason why is kids around 3-11 have been getting lice is media like cell phones, Chromebooks, computers, DSes, and maybe worst of all the T.V. Yet another reason is people cuddle head to head so that could be the one of the reasons why. Yet another reason is some people who have lice purposely do that to get rid of their lice because they have not heard of lice shampoo. Another reason why is some people have long hair and it sometimes gets onto someone else’s hair and if the long haired person had lice it could spread. Continue reading to find out why lice spreads.

Want to know why lice spreads if you do read this! The text states, lice spread through physical contact, when people’s heads together , like during the time… . here is another reason from the text, as Sharon Rink points out, “ the only way people transmit lice is touching their heads together, and that’s happening with all these photos!” the text also states, however, watching that selfie on a phone with friends is a different story. Katie Shepherd, founder of shepherd institute for lice solutions… . Back a long time ago people did not have a cure for lice so think how hard it was for people who did not have lice shampoo. That is why you shouldn’t touch heads together or use lice shampoo unless you actually have lice or go near other peoples head.