how can you stay lice free.

How to stay lice free
Paragragh number one
The head louse is a tiny wingless insects that lives in human hair and feeds on small amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.lice only move by crawling and cannot run or jump.Adult lice move 9 inches per minute.Lice spread through physical contact when people’s heads touch together like du ring the time people snuggle up to fit the frame of a smartphone photo!There is a lice shampoo to get lice out of your hair.

Keep lice a way
Paragragh numder two
Looking for an exuse to miss school.It seems that having lice will not be one of them.More and more school’s are adopting a new lice policy that allows infected students to go to class as long as they are treated at home.In the past if a student had lice they immediately got sent home with a lice letter and a whole loud of shame.The word licewas almost synonmous to bubonic plague and the poor kid was shunned by other for weeks afterword.

Head lice shampoo
Paragragh number 3
Lice!The very word causes an urge to scratch and sends most people into a panic mode.
Pediculus humens capitis has been around since the begining of time and will likely stick around till the end of time.Lice infestation is very comman among children it is something that almost every child will get at some point.