Homework maybe except one day

We all know homework you may like it or not. But you may say yea it is ok but what if you miss a few days. You get way behind what happens you miss maybe work and maybe get fired. But what if there was a thing were there was a day of no homework.You can get on track get balanced instead of a zero.

You want good grades don’t get behind but people may say but is your . Fault which i don’t get your amuneseystome cant do it which kind of hard to control those blood cells. Then your happy and get to do more stuff it says it in the passage it says .But many times kids are forced to cut fun activities in order to do homework assignments. See if we have that we make things better.

Maybe we can even let kids stay at school for internet and computers. That will help to get a good job and a good career. It helps for good grades and do their homework instead of being behind .and even says in the passage their home environment is chaotic, stressful, even hostile. There is no place to get alone so they can concentrate there are few or no school supplies for projects and no computer or internet access.

Now they everything but maybe your teacher can give the whole day then turn .It that the end. Maybe they don’t have it all the way maybe 50% on it.now you may agree or not but it may bee good idea . this is going to make more time.

It now he conclusion it might be a good idea or not . this makes mabee more people happy. this we open more time for everything. More better goobs have more time for them. More time for family and friends.