Cougar are amazing creatures they have many was to hunt first of all can live in the mountains in north and south america. What cougar eat elk and moose cougar look they have reddish brown with black fur ear very small as you can see people think cougars are cute but they are very danaes animames live into larn more.

First of all you code learn more here about where they live .cougars habra mountains or the west north and south america they have been seen in grosseto bush swamp and forest where they live body paragraph 2 is what they eat.

Next they are thing they eat they eat elk and moose they eat about 600 pounds of elk and moose they have reddish brown to gray brown white underside.

Last of all they look like they have long tails with black fur head is very small round ears large eyes long claw teeth that are specially K9 teeth for tearing meet i tot moste lee all about cougars.

Did you know cougars can lipe up to 12 feet in conclusion cougar and dershadth icsicts so they know what they are capbole of.