Hatchet vs A Cry in The wild

Hachet book Vs A Cry of the wild movie

I the call of the wild and i n hachet there some simlualyies. Both of there names are Brion. In my opion I liked the book a little better than the move because when the tornado came the book actuly gave me like a vison. What was happening at the time but in the movie you could not see the tornado. In the book I liked it better when he found the survival kit.

The book was better because it over exajurates and he got skunked.
The movie was better than the book because it gave me better image.Than the Book did.
The book was better because of the big secrt. In my opion the book was better because it just gives you that sad feeling inside. In my opin the movie was better because it shows us how sad he was.

All me to add that hachetand the a cry of the wild. The crummy pilot had a heart atack. When brion crashes he trys to find a. Shelter whichhe finds anmarvaerlous hole in the ground which is coverd by a huge rock so nothing. Can get in but when he kicks the porkipine. He decides to make a little gate so nothing can get in becides big animals for example bears moose deer elk.

When dreadful bear pushed Brion down in the water.Brion got mad so when the bear atacked his sheter. He grabbed his spear and killed the bear.In the book and the move they both have hachets they bothe have a pilot that has a heart atack. Over all I liked the book the best. Why I just thinkthat the book has more detail than the move.

T0 make the circle complete. The book was better than the movie to me because it just gives me more detail. If the author made ore hachet books. I would read them because it just leaves us with a cliff hanger. So if I were in brions situration I would bring extra food a flash light, a set of bonclures,maches,lighter(to light the fire),pot,knife,hachet,jacket,pocketknife. If I were in Brions situration I would bring a gun a fi fishing rod some fish bait. If I were in Brion’s siturtion