Gold Rush

In the time of the gold rush, people would go to California to get gold. I would definitely not go not go. There was no guarantee they would get gold. They would leave everything they had ever known. They would risk their lives for gold.

Even if you went there’s a chance you won’t get gold. That is what you call a waste of time and money. You could end up spending all your money and not get any gold. As an example, the passage The Gold Rush: Hazard or Home? states,”On top of all of those things, they might not even find gold!” Not getting gold is one reason. Leaving everything you’ve ever known is another.

Leaving home, family, and friends is not worth gold. Who would want to leave all they ever knew for gold? I would not want to leave it. You even moved from place to place in the rush. For instance, the passage The Gold Rush: Hazard or Home states,”When the gold ran out in one town, they would abandon the town and go look for gold in another area.” Leaving home is one reason, another is you might die.

In the gold rush it wasn’t just about gold. You could die. I would not want to risk my own life for a chance to get gold. For a quick example, the passage (see paragraphs two and three) states,”They thought about all problems that the travelers would face like sickness, bad weather, dangerous animals and encounters with Native Americans.” The possibility of death is one reason. Leaving your family and not getting gold are other reasons.

The evidence is overwhelming. You should not go to California for the gold rush. Here are the reasons, first, you might not even get gold. Second, you would have to leave your family, home, and friends. Third, you might die. Therefore don’t think it’s worth it. I hope you think so to.