Fascinating Fossils

Fossils are the remains, or what is left, of a plant or animal that died many years ago.The word fossil comes from the Latin language and means dug up.Fossils are often dug up from under the ground by paleontologists.Paleontologists are scientists who study fossils.They can learn a great deal about plants and animals by studying fossils, even if the animal or plant is extinct.Fossils have been found on every continent on Earth.
Fossils can begin to form when a plant or animal dies.After a plant or animal dies, their soft parts begin to decompose, or rot away.This usually begins to happen quickly.However, if the animal or plant is covered with dirt or mud, a fossil may begin to form.Over many years, the hard parts, such as bones, and the dirt turn into rock as the layers of dirt are squeezed together.This rock is now a fossil.The fossil is the same shape as the plant or animal that died.
There are several different types of fossils.A mold fossil looks like the shape of the plant or animal was actually carved into a rock.A living thing breaks down and leaves its shape in the rock, making a mold fossil.A cast fossil is the opposite of a mold fossil.A cast fossil is also the shape of the living thing but sticks out instead of in.Mold fossils are filled with materials which turn into cast fossils.Some fossils are just marks left behind.For example, an animal may leave their footprint in mud.If the mud hardens and turns into rock, this is called a trace fossil.Another type of fossil is created when a piece of an insect or plant becomes trapped in tree sap.The sap hardens and turns into amber which preserves the plant or animal.
“We need to hurry!” Julie yelled to her best friend, Penny.”Mr Jones said the paleontologist will speak to are class.First thing in the morning.I want to get a good seat, so i can see all of the fossils.”Julie and Penny rushed into Mr.Jones’s class. They saw the paleontologist, Ms.Amber, setting up her fossils on the table at the front of the classroom.Julie shoved her book bag at Penny to have her hang it up and went to grab a seat in the front row.”Good morning, class!”Ms.Amber called.”I am very excited to be here.I heard you are studying fossils.As a paleontologist, that is my job too!I have brought a few fossils I have found myself.Who wants to see them?”she asked.Julie’s hand shot up in the air.Since Mr.Jones first began teaching her class about fossils, Julie could not get enough.”Let’s start with this fossil,”Ms.Amber said.She held up a fossil that looked like a large shell had been carved into a rock.”This is a mold fossil of a an animal’s shell.The shell has decomposed and has left this shape in the rock.I actually found this fossil right down the road from your school”.”Down the road?”Julie asked with a puzzled look on her face.”There is no water around here.Wouldn’t that animal live in water?””You are exactly right!”Ms.Amber exclaimed .”That tells me this area was once covered by water.We can learn a lot by studying fossils.If I have a fossil of an animal, I can predict what the animal ate just by looking at their teeth.Sharp teeth means they were meat eaters, while dull teeth means they were plant eaters.”Penny was excited now too!She shouted, “Wow!What is . . . “”Show us that one!”Julie yelled as interrupted Penny. Ms.Amber winked at Penny.She held up a fossil shaped like a fern leaf.”This is a cast fossil of a fern leaf.This fossil sticks out instead of in.It is the opposite of a mold fossil.”Ms.Amber began to pass around the different fossils to the class of students.As the students passed the fossils around, Ms.Amber held up one last fossil.”This is my favorite fossil,”Ms.Amber told the class.she held up an orange colored fossil.It looked like a bug was trapped inside.”This fossil was made when the bug became trapped in tree sap and died.The sap hardened and preserved the bug.When the sap hardened, it turned into amber.Can you guess why this is my favorite fossil?”Ms.Amber asked Penny with a smile on her face. There is a lot of fossils in the world and some no one knows about and you can find them in the world and be rich there might some fossils in your onne backyard and if you try and try you can do anything including finding fossils.There can be fossils in your backyard if you look hard enough you can never do anything in your life never give up on your dreams.You can do anything if you try and you might succeed your dreams never give up you can’t do anything in your life.THE END