First, cougars eat meat which means they are carnavores this is what they eat,elk,mice,deer,and moose. According to the passage an a adult needs no more than 14-20 mule deer a year to survive.What a cougar eats is also important to thair survivle it can have a major impact.What cougars look like thay have short brown fur and really sharp teeth and strong bones.

Second, cougars live in mountains,bushy areas,.cougars have teeth for very important stuff like hunting there food,eating and chewing.and they also have claws for a reason like hunting cutting thing up.As you can see cougars need what we just talked about where they live,look, and eat. One to six young are usually born in the middle of the summer.The birth takes place in aden where they are raised only with the female.She brings them food and teaches them to hunt.They remain with her for 1-2 years.The cougar is capable of killing a 600 pound moose or elk.

They stalk their prey to within two or three great leaps and then launch a lighting-fast charge that ends with the cougar striking the prey with the full impact of the charge and bringing it to the ground.The cougars tracks rarely show evidence of the claw.The front feet are larger than the rear and generally the toes spread wider than speed.A distinctive feature of this creature in snowy areas is tail marks on the snow.

The cougar can jump 18 feet high and 40 feet far.And if you ever go hiking or camping and you see a cougar here is some stuff you might want do to be safe 1. Stay away from it for 30 feet 2. Try to be as quiet as you can 3. Stay in a place where the cougar can not see you.The cougar lives in grassland,bush, swaps,and forest in North and South America.In most of North America,the cougars range is limited to mountainous regions in the western half of the continent.

If people still want cougars to be alive here are some tips to help them.1. No shooting them 2. Do not destroy their homes. Here is two more things about cougars. Did you know when cougars are 2 years old their mother leaves the cubs to start there own life. Very healthy cougars can live up two ten whole years. What is so special about cougars they have very good hearing cent they can here from miles. I hope you learned something. I wonder what danger they can do come join to find out.