My old school used to be bloomington hills bobcats and that is what I am going to be talking about that today. So I am going to talk about where they live. How they look. when they hunt. And the conclusion stay toon.

First let’s talk about where they live. Bobcats usually live in forests, mountains and swamps.sometimes they live in snowy areas. Bobcats like to live and hunt on rocky, brushy hillsides.Now let’s talk about the looks.

Next let’s talk about how they look. They have long legs and large paws. They can also way up to about thirty pounds. Even though bobcats look like large housecat , it is quite fierce it and it can kill animals as large as deer. Now for when they hunt.

Last but not least let’s talk about when they hunt. They roam freely in the night and are active in the day. If a crack or a cave is not available, they will make a den in a dense grove of brush or sometimes choose a hollow in a log or a tree. Well I am done more about my school.

My mascot was bob the bobcat. At assemblies he would always come in on a vacuum. He always threw stuff in the crowd. One time I got a bracelet but someone stole it. One time my brother got a small basket ball he actually still has it. It was a good school. What was or is your school mascot.