animal writing essay

Here are some stuff about Muskrats come and look. Muskrats live in wetlands, marshes, bogs, and near rivers and streams. The muskrats is a medium-sized rodent with front legs and small feet, but it has stronger hind legs and big feet. Muskrats eat clams, crayfish, frogs, and salamanders. If you think these animals are intresting come and learn more about these cool animals.

This is how they catch their prey they hide where their prey can not see them then they go and run at their prey. Muskrats run fast thanks to their hind legs. Muskrats have four toes on each paw. They love to be near water and swim in water. Muskrats tail looks like a rat tail and they have large teeth like beavers do.Muskrats sometimes looks like a ,beaver,a otter,or a rat.

Muskrats are smart because sometimes they can do stuff on their own with out any help. Here are some tips how they hide with out their homes what they do is when they can not find their homes they hide in the grass since they live in wetlands. Muskrats are up to 16-28 inches so they are over a foot long. Muskrats are good swimmers thank the back webbed feet.

Muskrats can hold their breath under water up to 15-20 minutes. They can swim foword and backwards. Muskrats have very thick fur to keep warm and when they swim in cold water there fur helps them stay warm so they do not have to be cold. When it is winter and the water is frozen muskrats can break ice if they need a breathe. There fur helps them keep warm under water.

Muskrats are born mostly in the spring or summer and when they are a new born they have no fur at all they are just pink as they get older they start to grow fur all over its body. The muskrat is known to be the most valuable for their fur or pelts. These animals are rare and if you ever get a muskrat as a pet you are lucky to have a pet muskrat. If you want to read about more animals come and join me. Muskrats have tiny noses and they have good sence of smelling as you can see these are cool creatchures to learn about